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Sunday, October 15, 2006

" Sherry Austin: a singer who is going to break through (and escaped Lost Altos too). Her new album is mature, wry, smart, sensitive and funny. She let me sit in on a tune today, "Hallelujah," which I thought was original, but isn' her unassuming way, she is a much bigger talent than she gives herself credit for being."
-Brad Kava, San Jose Mercury News

 "Sherry's music is a rewarding listen. With fresh melodies and believable lyrics, I'll have to include it in my road trip collection. Cool voice, also!
Grammy-winning producer/musician, Lloyd Maines

" Rita Coolidge meets Judy Collins. "
Brabant News, Canada

" Sherry's voice is like catching a good wave. It's smooth, comfortable, free and fun. But every now and then it slaps you awake and demands every bit of your attention. It's the homey comfort of Dale Evans blended with the crisp edginess of a cool California blonde. "
Sleepy John, host of "Please Stand By," KPIG 107.5 FM, Freedom, Calif.

" Stellar, production, songwriting, and singing abound on Sherry Austin's debut CD. Sherry's husky yet heartwarmingly beautiful voice captured my attention with the very first song "Learning." Her soulful voice can only be compared to the late Kate Wolf or one of my other favorite females from Austin, Sarah Elizabeth Campbell. A prettier, more captivating voice I have not heard in many a moon. Plus she can write a mean car song or two. Check it out! "
Dallas Dobro, KPIG Radio and MC of Strawberry Music Festival

" Sherry Austin goes beyond the singer/songwriter genre with her Texas-style roadhouse originals and choice of covers. Her material has the rough-hewn sensitivity of a Robert Earl Keen, a Fred Eaglesmith, or a Slaid Cleaves, but her powerful, clear voice adds a feminine dimension that is totally fresh. People listening across the country are going to get a whole new feel for a popular form because now it's coming from a woman's perspective. "
Tom Miller, booker, Henflings International Folk & Acoustic Concert Series

" A fine and welcome debut in the tradition of California singer/songwriters, think of Kate Wolf with a honky-tonk band. "
Rick Shea, California singer/songwriter

" Vrr-o-o-m, Vrr-o-o-m, "
Unkle Sherman, DJ, PIG RADIO

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