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A passion for making music can thrive so secretly inside us that we don’t even realize it. The kind of passion one doesn’t have to practice yet the music grows on its own, finally insisting to find its outlet. That is just what happened for Sherry Austin. The stories and songs long tucked away have emerged fully composed in her first two CDs.  She’s a natural born songwriter and singer with a recently bloomed music career. Like a rare blossom, admirers find the beautiful experience of her music well worth the wait.

After playing life’s parts – daughter, student, friend, wanderer, wife, mother, single parent, loving partner, guardian of animals, caretaker of the garden – Sherry got on the road of doing what she most  should – playing music. Her instrument – an exquisite voice filled with clarity and sweetness, irony and humor, sorrow and joy. 
Sherry sang in college – solo, duo and trio – and gained a deep love of music through studies and influential teachers, but all the other roles of life took her away from music. After the twists and turns and sometimes tumult in her path, the parts of a peaceful life easily fell in place for Sherry. A puzzle suddenly solved, a destination clearly resolved. Love found and moved in cozily, daughter grown and on her own happily, years of care creating a lush landscape, and then finally the right time was there for Sherry to let her music take center stage.

So, after twenty years, Sherry reached for her patient guitar and reached inside the soul and wisdom of her life to create songs that let her voice shine. She tells tales simple and insightful, sometimes sad, always sage, yet ever so slightly amused by it all. 

Sherry’s compositions and the cover tunes she chooses show off the pure, clean fun of her warm voice.  She rightfully calls her songs pure Americana. They are diverse in genre and content. Classic folk, country-folk, folk-rock, and the standard ballad are delivered with equal mastery. There’s no screaming, shouting, reaching or stretching out of shape in these vocals. Sherry sings right where it’s comfortable, truly engaging listeners with her combination of easy crystal clarity and powerful message.
It’s the American girl for sure who writes songs about Maxfield Parrish, California highways, vintage Mustangs, and demanding truth from her lying government.  This writer’s lyrical skills flow and shine naturally like her long silver locks. The balance, rhyme and cadence of her poetry come not from years of formal study, but from the open door she’s given her spirit. 

In her cover of a classic country-folk tune, Less and Less, Sherry celebrates the seductive allure of the simple life.  It’s up-tempo message of hope and lightness of heart in the face of a complex world is just what we need to hear. Sherry sings about sweet love, friends finding new lives, seeing past decisions in a new light, and old love burning in a steady flame. Images we all recognize. Life’s simple pleasures, she reminds us in silky, smooth tones, is what we all should appreciate. Like unexpected roses, the joy in a smile, and the sapphire color of the sky, all found in her songs.

Not to forget, still, girls just love to have fun, and Sherry does that with a delightful rendition of Hallelujah, a song she uses to enthrall the listener and raise their spirits with every note – part of her mission.  A stunning line-up of musicians play many styles of guitar, dobro, mandolin, organ, piano, tuba, clarinet, cello, fiddle, bass and percussion to create the perfect platform for all of Sherry’s sensuous tunes. The acclaim that the first CD, Drive By Romance, has earned thankfully enticed Sherry to write more, and make a second CD, Drive On Back, including her own fine guitar picking this time. To that, her growing number of dedicated fans say Hallelujah! Enjoy ~ and Look Out! There’s more Sherry Austin coming on down the road. 

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